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Pack Crystal Clear 1.0

Change your system look using this handly and free tool
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Here is a tool to give your Windows operating system a great new look and easyness of navigation according to your convenience. Pack Crystal Clear 1.0 would allow users to change the overall look and feel of the Windows navigation. Though this software product is not compatible with 64-bit versions (x64) of Windows XP, it is awailable to work with most of other XP SPs as well as with Windows Server 2003. Pack Crystal Clear 1.0 has more than 20 different options to choose from the various looks, including Vista look. This tool is completely free for all uses. Pack Crystal Clear 1.0 allows users to create a document with all required and frequently used icons/shortcuts right on the desktop in a easy scrollable view option. The Icons shown can be selected as Mac, Linux or Windows type. At times reverting back to your own XP setting is not that easy; however, it is a good tool for people who does not like their simple XP or Windows look as much. Pack Crystal Clear 1.0 is packed with various different features like Dock, Shadow, Toolbar, UberIcon, iColorFolder and so on. All in all, I liked this free tool to get a new look for my operating system.

maitri shah
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  • Free
  • Easy to install
  • Has dock facility on desktop
  • Works with most of XP OS
  • Has more than 20 Themes to choose from


  • Reverting back to XP original is tricky sometimes
  • Does not work with 64 bit XP
  • Might need you to uninstall some software
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